This MQE* assessment tool is used to measure the environment's influence on the accomplishment of a person's daily activities and social roles in relation to his/her abilities. The questionnaire included in the assessment tool contains 109 items divided into 21 environmental factors categories. For each item, you can collect information about to what extent the situations or factors generally influence the daily life of people with disabilities.

The MQE ASSESSMENT TOOL: Long form is especially used as a reference guide to support the administration of the MQE QUESTIONNAIRE: Long form. Some people may not be able to self-administer the questionnaire. It is important to make sure that they have the necessary abilities to be able to do so.


  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Instructions for respondents
  • Examples
  • Identification of the person
  • Questionnaire
  • Comments
  • Summary of results


A fee of $ 0.50 / copy is included in the price of the instrument to cover the right to use. Any reproduction of the LIFE-H, whatever the form it takes, is prohibited. Thank you for respecting the copyrights of our assessment tools and questionnaires.


*MQE : Mesure of the quality of the environment

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MQE - Detailed Assessment Tool

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